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These combine in them the two-fold features of suction and pressure and hence the same unit can be employed for either function. When used as vacuum pump, they can create vacuum up to 710 mm (28" Hg) provided the temperature of the sealant water is below 30 °C & barometric pressure at site is 30 Inches of Hg.

Generally, the main casing & almost all the components are fabricated from C.I. except the main shaft, which is of MS / EN-8. However, it is also offered in various combinations of resistant materials for specific applications. Details are supplied on demand.

One of the main characteristics of Promivac water-ring pumps is that even under harsh conditions or under lack of proper supervision, these pumps continue to give satisfactory performance because none of its internal parts demand greasing or lubrication. These are least affected if a small quantity of vapour, dust, gas, or other such impurities enter its body through the suction nozzle.

These are best suited for pharmaceutical, Food, Confectionery, Petro-chemicals, Textiles and plastic industries, Paper and Sugar mills, Cement, Metallurgical Laboratories and Furnaces, Refrigeration Plants, Distilleries, Pneumatic Conveying, Cigarette, Tiles and Ceramics industries etc. These pumps are approved for government, semi government and private industrial projects all over India.


Model No. Motor hp Reqd. Pump Speed in rpm Free Air Diplacement in m3/hr Sealing Water Reqd. in lpm
PVW-10 1 2800 8 3
PVW-20 2 2800 30 4
PVW-30 3 2800 50 7
PVW-50 5 2800 80 10
PVW-75 7.5 2800 120 14
PVW-100 7.5 1400 160 16
PVW-150 10 1400 220 20
PVW-200 15 1400 330 30
PVW-250 20 1400 440 40
PVW-300 30 980 720 60
PVW-400 40 980 1080 100
PVW-650 75 725 1500 150
PVW-900 100 725 2025 200
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