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In response to the over whelming demand received from the market, PROMIVAC has come forth with a Double Stage version of their vastly patronized Water-ring type Vacuum Pump. Each and every pump of this new series very successfully and effectively takes care of its respective job and hence as usual is held in similar high esteem the 'PROMIVAC' logo has already earned.

PROMIVAC Double Stage Water-ring Vacuum Pumps are of Positive Displacement Type wherein the Impeller is mounted Eccentrically to the axis of the Pump Casing. Sealing water forms a ring which circulates concentrically within the axis of the casing. Process Gases drawn in through the Suction Port get trapped in the Impeller Cells, are compressed & travels to the second stage where they get compressed further and are discharged through the Exhaust port. The sealing water which forms the liquid ring is supplied at a pressure equal to the Discharge Pressure of the pump, which allows the pump to automatically make up the amount of liquid which is discharged through the Exhaust Port, therefore removing the Heat of Compression from the Pump.

These can create Vacuum up to 720 mm Hg provided that the temperature of the sealant water is below 30 °C & barometric pressure at site is 760 mm Hg.

Generally the Main Casing & almost all the components are made from CI except the Shaft & Impeller which is of SS-304/SS-316. However, the pumps are also offered in various combinations of resistant materials for specific applications.


models are quite versatile and find their applications in Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Petro-chemical & Food Processing Industries, Breweries & Distilleries, Confectionery, Plastic, Textiles, Garment & Leather Processing Industries, Paper & Sugar Mills, Power Plants, Furnaces, Tiles & Ceramics Industries, Cement & Fertilizer Plants, Metallurgical Laboratories and is suitable for host of other Vacuum Applications like Vacuum Conveying, Packaging, Extrusion, Priming, Dehydration, Filtration & Sterilizing etc.


Model No. Motor hpReqd. Pump Speed in rpm Free Air Diplacement in m3/hr Sealing Water Reqd. in lpm
PVW-50 T 5 1450 81 7
PVW-100 T 7.5 1450 160 9
PVW-150 T 10 1450 220 14
PVW-200 T 15 1450 330 20
PVW-250 T 20 1450 440 24
PVW-275 T 25 1450 580 30
PVW-300 T 30 1450 725 40
PVW-400 T 40 1450 1080 50