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Barrel pumps are suitably designed for safe effective and economic al transfer of liquids, chemical and petroleum products from drums and carboys. These are lightweight pumps and hence can be employed for stationary as well as portable services

A Motorised Barrel / Drum Pump consists of drive motor (electric or air operated) and pump tube. Different models to cater to different viscosity, flow rate, lifting capacity (head requirements) are available which can handle liquids up to viscosity of 10000 cps.

These Motorised Barrel / Drum Pumps are suitable for handling Corrosive Chemicals, Solvents, Dyes, Lubricating Oils, Dye Intermediates, Fragrances, Perfumes, Resins, Fruit Juices, Salt, Soap Solution, & other industrial liquids.

Transfer of solvents, paints, petroleum products, pesticides and inflammable liquids can effectively be looked after by the models supplied with flameproof or pneumatic motors. Flameproof enclosures can also be offered along with flameproof rotary switch for electrically operated drum pumps to handle inflammable liquids.


Model No. Type Delivery Size Max. Flow
Max. Head
H.P. RPM Phase
PBP-1 Impeller 1" 90 7 ? 14000 Single
PBP-2 Impeller 1" 120 10 ? 18000 Single
PBP-3 Screw 1" 66 8 ? 18000 Single