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Specially designed and fabricated to satisfy the ever increasing demand of municipalities and contractors for their employing this pump for cleaning the chocked sewage lines, emptying septic tanks and disposal of the accumulated sludge from the manholes and mobile toilet units by suction.

The Sludge Suction Pump is available in various capacities and different models suiting for permanent fixation, supporting on a trolley and for mounting right on the chassis of the mobile tanker into which the sludge / sewage is required to be sucked. In the latter option the pump can be made to run with the same engine, which is moving the tanker.

A Four Way Valve is an optional accessory, which when employed, would make Suction quite smoother, Forced Disposal of the sludge quicker and both possible through the same Single Port of the tank.

Almost all discerning Municipalities, hotels, hostels, clubs, multi-storied complexes and even colonizers and all those having septic tanks are fast opting to have this pumping facility installed at their premises in order to ever remain well prepared to guard themselves against any challenge posed by abrupt emergency arising from their respective systems.


Model No. Required
Free Air Displacement Vacuum in
mm hg
Pressure in
m3/hr lpm
PV - 100 T.K. 5 100 1600 650 1.5
PV - 150 T.K. 5 150 2500 650 1.5
PV - 220 T.K. 7.5 220 3600 650 1.5
PV - 400 T.K. 12.5 400 6600 650 1.5
PV - 540 T.K. 15 540 9000 650 1.5