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These pumps combine in them double features of suction & pressure and hence the same unit can be employed for either purpose. These have low oil consumption and are compact in design, noiseless & care free in operation and easily maintainable.

The main assembly consists of a stator with a rotor mounted eccentrically in it. The rotor is provided with eight vanes, which are free to slide and move in & out of the slots, by centrifugal action. When in 'out' position these press against the inner walls of stator. When the rotor rotates, these vanes sweep the air eight times in a single revolution creating vacuum & pressure simultaneously.

The design provides for self-lubrication of all the important points and the oil thus used does not contaminate the air, but is baffled from the exhaust, gets collected and returns to the oil chamber.

Each and every unit is fully engineered with all its components immaculately finished and matched. The walls of all components are suitably strengthened so as to render sufficiently long life even while working under adverse conditions. All the components are machined, drilled and finished with jigs and fixtures and are hence easily replaceable. All these distinguished features therefore, add up to make these pumps an indisputable choice of all reputed companies and concerns.


These are widely used for Vacuum Distillation, Extraction, Filtration, Bottle Filling, Drying, Photo Printing, Glass Blowing, Pharmaceutical, General Lab. Works, Food Processing, Transfer of Liquids, Vacuum Forming & Blister Packing Machines etc. etc.


Model No. Reqd hp Free Air Displacement in lpm Ultimate Vacuum in mm Hg Maximum Pressure in PSI
PV-70 1/4 70 700 10
PV-150 1/2 150 700 15
PV-300 1 350 685 20
PV-500 2 600 685 20
PV-1000 3 1000 660 20
PV-1500 5 1500 660 20
PV-2000 5 2000 660 20