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These 100% Leak Proof & Seal Less Magnetic Drive Chemical Process Pumps are based upon the latest indigenous technology, which is quite different from the one employed by conventional Chemical Process & Centrifugal pumps.

The most revolutionary characteristic of this pump is that neither the pulley is employed nor the coupling is used to rotate the propeller of the pump, which moves the liquid or the chemical. Motor is fitted in a separate casing and so is the pump. When the motor starts rotating, the pump automatically starts working in its own casing and starts pushing the liquid.

It not only sounds but looks like magic but it is only a technique, which Promivac has adopted. The liquid does not come in contact with the shaft hence no chance of corrosion, irrespective of the gravity of its aggressiveness. Leakage, of course, is out of question.

This type of pump can safely handle hazardous, highly corrosive, explosive & toxic chemicals of low density (1.4 sp.gr.) and clear liquids upto 90 Deg. C. The outlet can be directed at any desired angle is an other extra facility. The wetted components are made from high quality Glass Filled Reinforced Polypropylene (GFRPP), Viton, Teflon & Ceramic.

These can also be made available in variety of materials, depending upon users specific needs. The material of construction can be chosen from Stainless Steel, Plastic, Rulon, Alumina, Carbon or any other which does not react with the chemical to be processed.


Best suited for Photocine Plants, X-ray plants, Filtration Systems, Colour or Black / White Photo Processors, Electroplating Equipments, Metal Finishing Machines, Water Treatment Plants, Etching, Liquid Circulation, Agitation & De-scaling of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Units, Chemical, Petrochemical & Pharmaceutical Industries etc.


Model No. Suc. X Del.
Max Head
Max Flow
Full Amps Load watts
PMP-15 14 X 14 2.5 900 0.25 0.22 50
PMP-30 18 X 18 4.1 1800 0.41 0.30 65
PMP-50 20 X 20 7.0 3600 0.70 0.55 120
PMP-100 26 X 26 10 6000 1.00 2.10 300
PMP-125 26 X 26 12.0 7500 1.2 2.60 460
PMP-150 26 X 26 13.5 9000 1.35 - 660
PMP-300 "1 1/2 X 1 1/2 BSP Female" 19 16800 1.9 - 1100