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Promivac Engineers

Promivac plants & systems which are known for their compact design, reliability and efficient performance, have earned enviable reputation in a short time. These are manufactured with high quality material & precision workmanship, in a well equipped workshop under the direct supervision of experienced and qualified engineers.

Trouble free service for a long time and readily available after sales service have made them all the more popular and hence are being widely accepted in laboratories, industries and research units of repute. We offer High Vacuum Coating units, High Vacuum Pumping Systems, Vacuum Metalizing Plants, Vacuum Annealing Plants, Vacuum Impregnation Plants, Vacuum Lifting & Conveying Systems, Vacuum De-Airing & De-Watering Systems, Vacuum Instruments & Equipments, Vacuum Measuring Apparatus, Diffusion Pumps, Traps, Valves, Gauges and other related components etc.