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1981- 2016 Promivac 45 year Excellence Integrity & Confidence

Promivac Engineers

PROMIVAC ENGINEERS has become one of the leading enterprises with multifold innovation in the field of manufacturing Industrial Pumps. Vacuum Related Pumps became their first choice because this sector had still remained unexploited about three decades ago. At that time no entrepreneur would dare venture into this field because of the fear of lots of intricacies & complexities involved therein. The company focussed on this area & started a humble beginning in the year 1981.

We grew step by step and now the company produces Various Types of Vacuum, Pressure & Chemical Process Pumps, Plants & Systems which cover almost All Needs & Applications. Today, Promivac Engineers has earned a respectable position in the market for integrity in its conduct, commitment towards customers, continuous technological innovations and by supplying quality products. Supported by rich experience the company has become one of the Leading Market Players in its Specific Sphere of Operation.

Unprecedented Nationwide acceptance of our quality products encouraged us to diversify a bit and we started producing Chemical Process Pumps, of highest quality which were not in abundance in the market to meet its ever increasing demand.

Our wide assortments of pumps are Reliable, Cost Effective and are the products with extended service life. Presently we have a healthy market share throughout India and also export to various foreign countries. Our clients straddle every sector of the Industry. Pharmaceutical, Auto, food Processing, Chemical, Plastic Industry & Research are only few to mention. In order to set new milestones in the industry, we have put in huge investment in the field of R & D for improving the quality of our products and enhancing our product range. We conduct intensive R & D to evolve Highest Quality Products at Competitive Prices.


Message from the Managing Director

To reverend patrons of PROMIVAC

To reverend patrons of PROMIVACIt has been an honor to have enjoyed your continuous support all along through thick & thin, but for which Promivac could not have attained the envious height it has climbed and the distinctive status it enjoys amongst a thin group of successful indigenous pumps of the kind similar to that of ours. Also I have had the opportunity of personally meeting most of you and still cherish the sweetness and pleasures of the chit chat we had.

A few words of appreciation emanating from the mouth of a satisfied user of equipment prove more effective than that of a full page multi color ad appeared in a popular magazine. This is how Promivac went on to be considered as far the best buy or a far better alternative to a lot many other existing brands and has thus emerged today a most sought after brand in diverse fields where it finds its application.

Reaching this stage was not easy. Certainly not, my raw age, little experience and absolutely NIL resource were the main hurdles. Your help, my strong will power and passion to succeed, were my only aides which, of course, worked well. But now after achieving so much, I feel, maintenance of both the present status and tempo of the brand presents a much more difficult task. I shall need to put in still more efforts and shall have to be tougher to safe guard high potential of the brand.

During my school, my teachers had taught me “nothing is impossible; there should be will to do it”. Now some times I feel that, perhaps I have become a little bit wiser also. 25 years of diverse experiences has made me more confident as well. I vouch and promise that the trust you have reposed in the brand and me shall never be betrayed. Your expectations and the prevailing high standards of the products shall never be allowed to get diluted. Your considered critical comments do help me improve the quality. Hence continue flooding me with those. These are my strength. Have trust in me and my team of dedicated workers who always eat Promivac drink Promivac and even sleep & dream Promivac.

May God bless you

Thanks & Regards
Hashim Ali

Quality Assurance

Our nationwide network of market is supported by Efficient & Timely After Sales Service. Our competent and qualified personnel in Design and Production give us a distinguished strength in the industry. As a result we have been successful in building our business through superior services and the loyalty of our satisfied customers.

Our focus is on providing quality products at reasonable prices together with strict adherence to delivery schedule. The pumps are delivered to clients only after rigorous quality checks by our quality management team which guarantees delivery of finest product.

Our entire manufacturing process is subjected to strict quality supervision procedure. Our pumps conform to the standard norms of quality, ensuring total reliability & durability. Quality control checks are conducted after every stage of manufacturing by our quality supervisors.

In addition to manufacturing varied pumps in various standards & designs, we also take up repairing of any type of local or imported pumps. We have serviced comprehensive range of pumps for our clients with utmost precision – the end result is efficient and trouble free pumps like before.

Year of Establishment : 1981
No. of Employees : 100 - 125
Certification : ISO 9001:2000
CEO & Technical Director : Mr. Hashim Ali
Experience : 45 Years